Jessie S., Age 90

“I went paragliding at 90 years old! My knees hurt walking and going up and down stairs. I read that Dr. Riggs could help with the pain without surgery. And he did. I can walk now without having to worry about my knees giving out on me. I can also bike now and do yoga, and even though it was a blast, I won’t paraglide again. Been there, done that.”

Alan and Debbie M., Ages 50 and 49

“After multiple knee scopes with little relief, we were both facing inevitable knee replacements. Walking upstairs, running short distances, and even walking too much caused pain and discomfort. After consulting a knee surgeon about a knee replacement, we were referred to Dr. Riggs.

“Our hike to Delicate Arch would not have happened with PRP injections from Dr. Riggs. We both received the injections in both knees and our joints haven’t felt this good in years.

“We both admit we were skeptical at first and thought we might be throwing our money away. Our knees felt better almost immediately, and we were hesitant to tell each other as we thought we were experiencing the placebo effect. Not so! The relief from the pain has lasted, and we are back doing some of the things we love after only one injection. We are looking forward to even better results in the future. Thanks, Dr. Riggs.”

Larry, Age 68

“I have been a very active person all of my life. With the knee pain that I was experiencing. I thought that my active days were over. Thanks to Dr. Riggs, I will be able to maintain my active lifestyle as I enter into my 70’s and beyond.”

Lona M., Age 61

“It’s so great to be hiking and running again–and pain-free! I have a part of my life back that I thought was gone forever. Thank you, Dr. Riggs.”