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Offloading Knee Braces

While there are many types of knee braces available over-the-counter, most do little more than provide very mild compression and stability. While these braces are still useful for some conditions, an offloading knee brace is better suited for conditions such as osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, or cartilage defects.
Old lady with a knee-brace

How Does an Offloading Knee Brace Work?

Offloading knee braces are specifically designed to reduce stress in certain areas of the knee. Most look similar to the brace pictured above. When adjusted properly the hinge on the side of the brace will create the necessary angle to increase space in the affected compartment of the joint, thus leading to reduced pain, added stability, and less pressure on the joint.

Are These Braces Covered by Insurance?

Offloading knee braces are covered by most insurances, including Medicare, when deemed medically necessary by a healthcare provider.
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