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Advanced Cellular Therapy

Advanced cellular therapy is one of the most advanced treatments for osteoarthritis currently available in medicine. This nonsurgical procedure harnesses the regenerative power of your body to heal and repair itself.

Mesenchymal cells are blueprint cells from which all other cells grow through a process called differentiation. These cells are capable of differentiating into cells such as bone, muscle, or cartilage cells. When applied to medicine, these cells can be injected into many areas of the body to stimulate the creation of new cells and offer healing. This is especially exciting in the setting of osteoarthritis as studies continue to focus on the growth of new cartilage to possibly halt or even reverse cartilage deterioration associated with the disease.

What to Expect in the Procedure

1. The Blood Draw

The Blood Draw: Your blood will be drawn and separated into red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) using a centrifuge. Platelets are cell fragments that contain specialized proteins called growth factors. Your body uses these growth factors to heal itself naturally.

2. The Harvest

The Harvest: Mesenchymal cells are harvested from adipose (fat) tissue. They are then combined with PRP to offer the necessary components for growth and healing. There are other available methods of harvesting these cells, including umbilical cord and bone marrow, though we have found adipose tissue to be the least invasive and most effective.

3. The Delivery

The Delivery: The PRP and mesenchymal cells will then be combined to create a highly concentrated dose that will be injected into the affected area. All injections at our clinic are performed under ultrasound guidance to ensure accuracy and proper placement of the injection.
Centrifuging blood

After the Procedure

Most patients return to work or their daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, because this treatment is intended to initiate an inflammatory response to promote healing, it is expected to feel soreness and discomfort for 2-5 days following treatment. This inflammation is purposeful, so we will ask that you don’t take any anti-inflammatory pain medication for a few days after the procedure, as doing so will counteract the healing effect. We will discuss the options available to make you comfortable during and following advanced cellular therapy.

You may experience a subtle difference within 10 days of the injection. However, it is expected to experience the majority of the pain relief six weeks after the injection with continued improvement over the next two years.

Because the cells we harvest are derived from your own adipose tissue, there is no chance of having an allergy or immune reaction. The risks associated with this procedure are those associated with all injections or other invasive procedures. These include local infection (less than 1% chance) and pain at the sites of injection and harvest.
Currently, advanced cellular therapy is not covered by insurance. Because this therapy is too rapidly progressing for the FDA to regulate, it is important to keep in mind that not all procedures offered are created equally across all clinics. At ActiJoint you will receive the latest, most advanced method in medicine today. We provide the highest quality care while remaining the most affordable.

Advanced cellular therapy is effective at relieving pain, slowing deterioration, and regenerating tissue. In the setting of Osteoarthritis, definitive tissue repair and cartilage growth occurs as a result of the procedure (evidence confirmed by MRI imaging). Advanced cellular therapy has been proven to protect, cushion, and lubricate the joint. It has also been proven to decrease inflammation, diminish pain, and improve function. In fact, this therapy has the most significant effect on pain associated with osteoarthritis than any other existing treatment modality, including surgery, even two years later.
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