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After 10 years of working in the medical field, Ryan Riggs M.D. (Founder of ActiJoint) decided it was time to start his own private practice. He wanted to be able to create a clinic that reflected his own values as a healthcare provider.

“Unfortunately, because of factors like sheer volume, patients too often become numbers instead of people. In working at hospitals I noticed that the focus was on the bottom line instead of being centered on patient care. When I started my own practice I wanted to be different. I was drawn to healthcare because I loved caring for people. And it is my belief that quality medical care is much more than providing excellent treatment. To me, kindness is just as important as knowledge and experience in a provider. I want my patients to feel ‘cared for’ in every sense of the term.” (Ryan Riggs, M.D.)

The focus of ActiJoint was an easy decision for Dr. Riggs. He had noticed that there was a rather large patient population being underserved–those suffering from joint pain who were not ready for surgery. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), arthritis was found to be in just above 30% of people aged 18 to 64 years, and 56% in men and 69% in women aged 65 years and older. 

“For many adults, joint pain is an issue that is greatly undertreated. Too often in the medical field, physicians simply address joint pain without addressing the disease process directly.  They prescribe medication or jump straight to surgery. But I can tell you that with 15+ years of research and experience in treating patients with joint pain, there are remarkably effective non-surgical treatments that not only reduce pain but also extend the life of the joints.” (Ryan Riggs, M.D.)

Dr. Riggs has been one of the pioneers in providing non-surgical treatment options for those experiencing joint pain. Back in 2009 he received specialized training and was the first physician in Utah to offer fluoroscopy (x-ray)-guided hyaluronic acid (HA) injections for osteoarthritis in the knee. In 2011, he received ultrasound-guided injection training and opened ActiJoint the following year. 

Though it was above the regular standard of knee care, Dr. Riggs knew that ultrasound-guided injections ensured far greater accuracy and precision and decided that all procedures administered at ActiJoint would be under ultrasound guidance. ActiJoint set standards above the norm and became the only clinic in Utah to routinely offer ultrasound-guided injections under sterile conditions for joint care.

When asked why he feels the need to spend the extra effort, time, and equipment cost when it was not required of him, Dr. Riggs replied,  “The great advantage of owning my own practice was when I saw that the normal standard of care was falling short, I could do something about it. Other physicians may ignore the evidence that blind injections are only accurate 75% of the time, but I can’t. If there’s a better way out there, that’s what we physicians should be providing our patients.”

ActiJoint continues to set the standard for non-surgical knee and joint care. Ultrasound technology is not only used in procedures but is also utilized to provide a thorough examination, picking up subtleties in diagnosis that aid in creating the best treatment plan for each patient. 

Because of his exceptional work in the field of regenerative biologics, Dr. Riggs has been asked to lend his expertise all around the U.S. Whether it’s answering questions at The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) Conference in Florida or devoting clinical hours to patient care in Washington, he has provided services from coast to coast. Dr. Riggs has also contributed a great deal to the field of regenerative medicine by training several physicians on adipose-derived stem cell treatment, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and ultrasound imaging technology.

As ActiJoint grew and as Dr. Riggs began devoting more time to education and care outside of ActiJoint, it became clear that another healthcare provider was needed in 2017.

 “It was extremely important to me when hiring additional healthcare providers that the same values and quality of care be upheld. I had worked with Devon for a number of years before bringing him on as a PA, so I knew that he would be perfect for the job. He had the experience, knowledge, and kindness to keep the special culture at ActiJoint thriving. He has that caring quality that really defines ActiJoint and drives us to go above and beyond traditional patient care. Devon is not only extremely thorough but is exceptionally invested in each patient and their outcomes.”

Dr. Riggs comments that “ActiJoint has now become bigger than me and I have the whole ActiJoint staff to thank for that. If it weren’t for the exceptional team behind the clinic, we could have never achieved what we have. It’s been extremely rewarding to have seen a need in the field of medicine, and with the right team, found a way to fill it. Because of the outstanding people behind the ActiJoint team, I am confident that we will continue to raise the bar and set new standards for patient care.”

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ActiJoint Mission Statement

At ActiJoint we are dedicated to excellence. We deliver the highest standard of care through our results-driven, research-backed treatments for chronic and recurring joint pain. Our patients are our priority. We are more than compassionate, we are invested in our patients. We exist to improve the quality of life through advanced non-surgical treatments for joints.
ActiJoint Logo
At ActiJoint, we are dedicated to improving our patient's quality of life through non-surgical treatments. We deliver the highest standard of care through our results-driven, research-backed treatments for chronic and recurring knee pain. Our patients are our priority.