Weight Loss

Weight loss

Weight loss is a great path to a healthier lifestyle. There are many benefits to being a healthy weight, and one of those benefits is pain relief in your joints.

Excess weight puts pressure on your weight-bearing joints (hips, knees, and ankles) and contributes to the deterioration of the natural lubrication in the joint. Did you know that when you are walking on a flat surface one pound of weight is the equivalent of four pounds to your knees? One pound is equivalent to seven pounds of extra weight on your knees when going down stairs. Even a little bit goes a long way when it comes to helping your joints.

If you are looking to lose weight, consider our weight loss team. What sets ActiJoint’s weight loss class apart from others is that it is tailored towards our patients. We know that due to the specific injuries or pain, there are some weight loss programs you simply can’t participate in. We teach nutrition that is ideal for taking care of your body, and specifically your joints. We also teach exercises that are “arthritis friendly”. But what really sets us apart is our “team” approach. We are all working together to hold each other accountable to our goals and to motivate and support one another on our weight loss journey. We discuss, share, laugh, empathize, and motivate one another in our team meetings each week.

Call ActiJoint for more information, or to join us! We’d love to have more weight loss team members.