Hyaluronic Acid Injections

If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, it’s likely you are no longer making enough lubricant in your affected joints, leading to friction. Without sufficient coating of the joint surface to allow for frictionless movement, you may be experiencing significant pain.

The only effective way to treat the root cause of your knee pain is by replacing this lubricant in your connective tissues to protect your joints. This is best done by injecting the joint with HA.

Dr. Ryan Riggs has developed and perfected the ActiJoint FLEX Shot™. Unlike other procedures for HA injections, Dr. Riggs uses ultrasound, a guided-injection instrument for 100% accuracy of placement and is done under completely sterile conditions. He was the first physician in the state of Utah to offer guided injections. Dr. Riggs has found ultrasound to be a superior guided instrument because of his ability to see soft tissue detail that x-rays miss. By using ultrasound, he can avoid using contrast dye (which is highly allergic and can be toxic to the kidneys) and avoid radiation exposure.

Attention is given to making your injections as painless as possible. Before any needle touches your skin, the site is sprayed with a topical anesthetic to numb it and then injected with lidocaine to numb the needle track. The guided injection is then administered with the smallest possible needle using an injection approach rated least painful. However, for those patients who desire even more comfort, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available during the procedure.

The ActiJoint FLEX Shot™ uses Euflexxa, a highly purified form of HA, where pain relief has been sustained regularly for over six months, particularly in patients who are active. Treatment with Euflexxa consists of three injections – one injection every week. Dr. Riggs uses Euflexxa because it is the most pure and has the chemical structure that resembles most closely the HA found in healthy human joints.

This lubricating shot helps to protect your cartilage from further deterioration. It coats the surfaces of your knee joint, removes friction, and helps make your knee pain disappear.

Note that the routine standard of care for an HA injection is a blind administration [without the use of guided equipment], and is available in many doctors’ offices. This technique has a 75% accuracy rate. But ultrasound guided-injections provide 100% accuracy in ensuring that the medication makes it precisely within the joint capsule. This is what sets ActiJoint apart as a leading HA injection facility.

After our ActiJoint FLEX Shot™ treatment plan, you will soon be able to walk stairs, engage in outdoor activities, and take control of your active life again.

For help overcoming your osteoarthritis knee pain, call today to schedule your knee analysis and to experience The ActiJoint Difference with Dr. Riggs.